bands and tv shows ruined me okay?

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So, the other week I was watching Supernatural with a friend. He doesn’t really watch the show but he has some idea of what it is about. We were watching The French Mistake, and I was trying to explain to him a bit about who Balthazar was when this scene came on.

All he said was:

"So basically he’s kinda like the Gordon Ramsay of Supernatural."

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today my nephew (who’s recently decided that he’s a wizard) came round and showed me his book of spells (a folded a4 piece of paper) - i looked at it expecting to see spells to turn people into frogs and to make you fly etc but the only thing he’d written was a spell to make people smile
and i think he must be a wizard because i smiled pretty big

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The Wonder Years - Dismantling Summer [watch here]

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All Wrong - The Story So Far


"Tumblr blue"

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jfc this cast is too precious. 

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